Discovering the Best Fast Food in Calgary

You’re likely here because you’re hungry and craving some delightful fast food. Well, you’re in for a treat. Calgary boasts some of the most mouth-watering fast food joints that cater to every palate. Let’s dive in, shall we?

In Calgary, fast food is not just about burgers and fries. You can find a wide variety of dishes from different cultures, all made quickly and at an affordable price.

Asian Inspirations

For those who love the flavors of Asia, Calgary offers several choices. From spicy noodle bowls to sushi rolls on the go, there’s something for everyone.

Classic Burgers and Fries

Of course, no fast food guide would be complete without mentioning the classic burger joints. Whether you like your burgers stacked high or are more of a simple patty person, you’re covered.

Vegetarian Delights

Even if you’re not into meat, don’t worry. There are many vegetarian and even vegan options in the city. From falafel wraps to plant-based burgers, the choices are endless.

What Makes Calgary Unique?

One thing that stands out in Calgary is the fusion of traditional and modern dishes. You’ll often find innovative menus that combine flavors from around the world. This means each visit can be a new adventure.

Calgary’s fast food scene is diverse, vibrant, and ever-evolving. Regardless of your taste preferences, you’ll find something that hits the spot. So next time you’re in the mood for a quick bite, remember you’re in a city that offers some of the best fast food around. Now, where will your taste buds take you today?

1. Native Tongues Taqueria:

Serves tacos and other foods you might find on the street. The mood at Native Tongues is relaxed and fun, making it a great place to hang out with friends and eat some fancy Mexican street food. On the menu of drinks, there are some cool cold-brew cocktails made with mezcal.

Address: 235 12 Ave SW

Contact Info: (403) 263-9444


2. Model Milk:

Model Milk is a rustic-chic restaurant that serves Canadian food made with ingredients from the area. The diner was made to feel casual and fun, with a mix of furniture and decorations and a warm atmosphere. Menus are changed often to include the best of what’s available in the area.

Address: 308 17 Ave SW

Contact Info: (403) 265-7343


3. River Café:

River Cafe is a well-known restaurant in Calgary that stands out for using products that come from the area. This trendy restaurant is in Princes Island Park and serves high-end meat and seafood in a nicely renovated concession building. River Cafe goes above and beyond by getting all of its items from within Canada. This makes sure that the food is fresh and has great flavours.

Address: 25 Prince’s Island Park, SW

Contact Info: (403) 261-7670



4. Vero Bistro Moderne:

Serves French-inspired fresh and healthy meals. It’s a great place for a date night because the setting is romantic and the food is tasty. The cooks at Vero are very committed to using local products and helping local communities. This is why they try so hard to serve organic fruit and seafood that was raised in an ethical way. On the dinner menu, there are appetizers, then pasta, meat, and seafood courses.

Address: 209 10 St NW

Contact Info: (403) 283-8988



5. Cluck N Cleaver:

They specializes in crispy fried chicken and roast chicken. They offer delivery and takeout, and they also have a second site in the West Springs Co-op.

Address: 1511 14 St SW

Contact Info: 403-226-2067



6. Una Pizza + Wine 17th Ave SW:

UNA Pizza + Wine is a modern and cozy pizza place in Calgary that has helped spread the word about thin-crust pizza.

Address: 618 17 Ave SW

Contact Info: 403-453-1183



7. Fatburger Bankers Hall:

A well-known hamburger company, Fatburger has sites all over Southern California. The sites in Calgary are special because they also have live music. This makes them a great place to eat and spend an evening out. The burgers are tasty, and the french fries are some of the best around.



8. Alumni Sandwiches:

Alumni Sandwiches is a relaxed restaurant that serves extremely delicious sandwiches, soups, and drinks.

Address: 725 17 Ave SW

Contact Info: 403-455-7255



9. Bistro On the Bow:

Bistro On the Bow is a relaxing airport restaurant that serves pizza, salads, burgers, drinks, and beers from around the world. The food is inspired by artistic bar culture, and it tastes great. The service is friendly, helpful, and pays attention to what you need. Bistro On the Bow has something for everyone, whether you’re in a hurry or not.

Address: 2001 Airport Rd NE

Contact Info: 403-475-5290



10. To Me Vietnamese Sub

This small, modest drive-thru is the hole in the wall where you can get delicious Vietnamese food.

Address: 5250 Macleod Trail SW

Contact Info: 825-882-2828

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