Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer in Calgary

Wedding Photographer—a title that signifies capturing one of the most precious moments of your life. If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering, “How do I choose the right one in Calgary?” Keep reading, and we’ll delve into everything you need to know.

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event. Therefore, having someone skilled to capture every laughter, tear, and dance move is crucial. Just imagine, years down the line, you want to be able to relive every single moment.

What to Look for in a Calgary Wedding Photographer

Experience and Style

Firstly, it’s important to find a wedding photographer who’s familiar with the Calgary scenery and venues. Moreover, ensure their style aligns with your vision. So, browse their portfolio.

Budgeting and Packages

Money matters! Most photographers offer various packages. Decide on a budget first. Then, compare what different professionals in Calgary provide within that range.

Reviews and Recommendations

Another key aspect is feedback. Most people will gladly share their experiences. Hence, don’t hesitate to ask friends or check online reviews.

Questions to Ask Potential Photographers

  1. How long have you been a wedding photographer in Calgary?
  2. Can I see a complete wedding album you’ve shot?
  3. What’s included in your package?
  4. Do you have backup equipment?
  5. What if you fall sick on the wedding day?

Remember, it’s your day. Thus, feeling comfortable and trusting your wedding photographer is essential. Their responsibility goes beyond just taking pictures. They’re capturing memories.

Closing Thoughts

Your journey to finding the ideal wedding photographer in Calgary might seem daunting at first. However, armed with the right information, it can be an enjoyable process. Most importantly, when that day finally arrives, you’ll have peace of mind knowing every special moment will be immortalized.

1. Geoff Wilkings

In Calgary, Geoff Wilkings is unquestionably one of the top photographers for weddings. His work demonstrates why he is in such high demand. He has photographed more than 700 events and has a long list of satisfied clients.

Most people picture big grins, blue sky, and lots of light when they think of the ideal wedding photograph. That’s exactly what Geoff’s tidy, traditional approach brings to the table.

Geoff provides instructions on his website for anyone who might not be accustomed with using wedding photography services. Geoff is actively involved in the process from the initial meeting, which can take place online or in his office, until the images are delivered.

It’s crucial to remember that Geoff’s knowledge is more expensive than most. His starting price is $4989 and his package includes a day of coverage, digital prints, and an album.

Further, Geoff takes longer to send over photos because one of his deliverables is a cinematic album. Eight weeks after the wedding, the first album reveal takes place; the album’s printing requires a another four weeks.

Official Website:
Contact Info: 403 826 9927


2. Tkshotz Photography

Tkshotz Photography is a business that offers customers creative and original photography and videography services. It is the perfect choice for customers searching for a team to cover their weddings and other key occasions in their lives.

Since its establishment in 2007, they have been providing their clients with complete and amazing photography and video projects, making them one of the most reputable and trusted names in the business.

Past clients who have had the opportunity to deal with them have praised them for their subject-matter competence and remarkable execution of the job-related features.

But keep in mind that because two photographers are already included in each of their pre-made packages, their charges are extremely expensive; interested consumers may need to enquire more for additional details on this.

Overall, we heartily encourage interested clients to check them out due to their prompt customer service, outstanding selection of photography and video genres accommodated, and quality deliverables supplied.

Official Website:
Contact Info: 403-700-1792


3. Gabe McClintock

With 17 years of photographic expertise, Gabe McClintock has developed a recognizable style that customers seek for.

Gabe McClintock opts for more dramatic photographs rather than the tidy, traditional wedding pictures. Unexpectedly, this dark, sombre, and heavily lit and shadowed aesthetic successfully conveys romanticism.

Gabe is an expert at photographing out-of-town weddings in addition to Calgary weddings. He typically works alone, but for an extra fee, he may get the services of another photographer.

The starting price for wedding photography in Calgary by Gabe McClintock is $3,400 + tax. This is considerably under the typical price range for professional photographers thanks to Gabe’s expert eye and expertise.

Gabe offers to take between 30 and 50 images of your event every hour. This is less than what some other photographers provide, so if you place a high value on quantity, keep that in mind.

Official Website:
Contact Info: 403 830 4568 

4. Adam + Alexandra

Adam and Alexandra are the best of friends, coworkers, and a Calgary-based photography duo. Their art, which merges digital and cinematic mediums, is infused with a tinge of their magnetic energy.

Young couples, explorers, and anyone who wish to deviate from the conventional wedding photography style will love their gritty, grainy, and nostalgic photographs. Adam and Alexandra, who are among the youngest on this list, are gregarious by nature and make picture shoots feel like a chill hangout.

Their starting price for weddings is $2,400. Their rate covers 50 to 100 images each hour, which is well within the suggested price range.

Official Website:
Contact Info: (403) 479-8765

5. Light Delight Photography

Distinct from many, they provide wedding albums as part of their service. These albums boast Italian craftsmanship, archival-grade laminated photographic paper, sturdy pages, flawless binding, authentic leather covers, and a protective carrying case.

Additionally, they offer engagement albums that let you revisit the delightful moments of your engagement session. These come with a sparkling crystal cover and vibrant metallic prints.

Official Website:
Contact Info: (403) 703-5881

6. JM Photography

Consider hiring the JM Photography crew if you want vivid pictures that seem to have sprung from a fairy tale. Their images convey the pure enthusiasm during large festivities like weddings with warm, rich details.

The JM Photography team, which was established by Jeremy Martel, consists of 10 multimedia experts. Working with JM Photography will relieve you of the pre-wedding stress due to their large crew.

From wedding photos to video content, they can do it all. Additionally, they provide event live streaming and on-site picture booths.

In terms of their photographic services particularly, their most popular bundle starts at a fair $2,000 per hour. High definition photos, digital files, various locations (if necessary), and a black-and-white montage to be shown at the reception are all included in this price.

Official Website:
Contact Info: (403) 650 3137 

7. Nadine McKenney Photography

Consider the images you’d see when browsing a bridal magazine or a leaflet of picture-perfect wedding dresses. You can anticipate a shining and brilliant aesthetic from Nadine’s photos.

Her traditional look has given her the chance to collaborate with several bridal companies and publications.

While many people in the field of photography are self-taught, Nadine has had official training. Additionally, her equipment enables clear details and the best possible photographs.

Beyond her equipment and knowledge, Nadine’s former clients adore her for making the entire process stress-free. Customers comment on how accommodating she is with changed dates and how she helps with location research for photos.

Additionally, she offers reasonable pricing bundles between $2,000 and $4,000. Six hours of coverage and one photographer are included in the most basic plan, and as the cost rises, so do the number of photographers on board and the number of hours of coverage.

The $4,000 package, which includes 10 hours of coverage, limitless digital images, two photographers for the day, a personalized 30-page album, a USB stick, and a canvas print, is her most popular one.

Official Website:
Contact Info: 587 830 6381 

8. Joanna Jensen

Joanna Jensen is adored by the public for her commitment to shooting pictures. She enjoys photographing pictures of happy subjects, happy kids, and happy families in ordinary circumstances.

She has a diploma in wedding photography from the New York Institute of Photography, which makes her special. Additionally, she holds a Bow Valley College certificate in professional decorating as well as a bachelor’s degree from the University of Lethbridge.

Due to the high calibre of their offerings, they have developed a name for themselves through time.

She performs outdoor picture sessions as well, unlike other photographers. However, she has the ideal inside studio if the customer chooses that.

Official Website:
Contact Info: 403 809 6127

9. Dean Pictures

Because of their distinctive and modern approach to pictures and styles in capturing important moments, Dean Pictures is adored by the public. David and Janet decided to combine their respective artistic skills; David studied photography and Janet studied fashion and graphic design.

Dean Pictures provide specific services that may be added to your photographic coverage, unlike other photographers. They can undoubtedly make your wedding operate smoothly thanks to their expertise in the wedding sector.

Dean Pictures have been bringing their artistic talents from the commercial and editorial worlds to the wedding business for the past ten years to generate beautifully designed photographs. By doing this, their clients would appear to have just emerged from a high fashion magazine.

Official Website:
Contact Info: (403) 605-1522

10. Cassie’s Camera

It’s so simple to collaborate with Cassie, the woman behind Cassie’s Camera. If you get in touch with her and she’s available, she will invite you to meet up for a casual coffee date as her treat before you discuss and organize the photographic session. In order to secure your date on her busy calendar, she will allow you to sign a contract and make a down payment if you have already determined what you need for your big day.

People adore how present she is from the engagement session to the wedding session in addition to her nice demeanour.

People appreciate how her website really makes the cost visible while discussing it. Packages for wedding photography begin at $2400; those for engagement photos begin at $600; those for lifestyle photos begin at $600; and those for headshots begin at $350.

For further details on scheduling and pricing for Calgary wedding photography, please contact. For elopements, smaller weddings, and destination weddings, personalized quotes are also available.

Official Website:
Contact Info: 403 397 3915



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