Moving Company in Calgary: Your Ultimate Guide

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the idea of moving? You’re not alone. Imagine finding the perfect moving company in Calgary that can make this process stress-free. Curious? Read on!

Why Choosing the Right Moving Company Matters Moving can be a hassle. But with the right team by your side, it becomes a breeze. Your belongings are precious, and you want to ensure they’re in safe hands. This guide will help you in finding the best moving company in Calgary.

What To Look For in a Moving Company

  1. Experience: Look for companies with a track record. Experience speaks volumes.
  2. Reviews: Ask neighbors, friends, and check online reviews. Good feedback is a sign of trust.
  3. Insurance: Ensure the company covers any damages. This provides peace of mind.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Are there any hidden charges?
  • How do they handle fragile items?
  • Can they provide references?

Benefits of Hiring Locally in Calgary Choosing a local moving company in Calgary can be a game-changer. Firstly, they know the area well. Hence, avoiding traffic and ensuring timely moves. Secondly, local companies often offer personalized services. Meaning, your needs are prioritized.

Prepping for Your Move Once you’ve chosen your company, preparation is key. Firstly, declutter. Less stuff equals less stress. Then, label your boxes. Knowing where everything is can be a lifesaver. Finally, keep a small bag with essentials. This way, important items are always within reach.

Wrap Up So, moving doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right moving company in Calgary, it can be simple, efficient, and even fun! Remember, preparation is your best friend. And now, you’re all set to make a confident move. Happy moving!

1. Simply the Best Movers

These people truly excel in terms of ease. As soon as we phoned, they were on the case and responded to all of our inquiries more quickly than you could say “heavy lifting.”

Official Website:
Contact Info: (403)-918-8683


2. GetMovers Calgary

One of the most specialist moving services are offered by GetMovers for both local and business moves. They have perfected their skills in relocating individuals and companies throughout Calgary.

They provide a range of services for residential and commercial moves, including elder moving, piano moving, student moving, manpower-only moving, and moving services.

Their skilled crew has complete insurance coverage for your goods and assets, full equipment, and the required tools to construct and dismantle furniture in order to handle all the specialized moving services they offer.

Additionally, they offer a number of boxes, containers, and wardrobes. This apparatus makes movement more effective since it is extremely helpful in managing heavy, delicate, and irregularly shaped things.

We want to know how they utilize Samsara to track each move’s progress in real time utilizing the most recent technological innovations.

We believe that by using this strategy, they have revolutionized customer communication by allowing their customer service to give clients real-time updates on the whereabouts of the trucks and the crew’s ongoing activities.

Additionally, they set up backup teams and vehicles to manage last-minute movements or crises. This degree of caution demonstrates their commitment to provide top-notch relocation services.

Official Website:
Contact Info: 888-744-7090


3. High Level Movers

Leading professional moving business High Level Movers is renowned for providing prompt and first-rate service in Toronto. They have the tools and mobility solutions for any customer to successfully provide their services.

Local moving, long-distance moving, and business relocation are a few of their offerings. We appreciate the fact that they offer cleaning, rubbish collection, and storage in addition to moving services.

They specialize at packing their customers’ goods as part of their relocation services. They pack carefully and using high-quality supplies to ensure a smooth transfer.

So far, their former customers have commented that they run their firm with professionalism and responsiveness. Some have also mentioned how reasonably priced their services are.

Along with 20 other sites across Canada, High Level Movers also offers a comprehensive range of services in Markham and Hamilton.

Official Website:
Contact Info: 403-407-1973


4. Alberta Pro Movers

Everything you would need for your relocation is available from Alberta Pro Movers. Along with moving services, it also provides packing assistance and helpful moving tips to make your move as simple as possible.

Prior to the move, this mover has responsibility for going to the pick-up and delivery locations to clear the area of any potential risks and look for any damage. Nevertheless, Alberta Pro Movers only travels as far as Canmore, therefore this service is mostly provided for that reason.

Even wardrobe boxes are available from Alberta Pro Movers for local removals to make packing simpler. However, this moving firm still offers conventional packing materials, which it offers at a reduced price when combined with moving services.

Just be mindful to bundle your valuables simply because we’ve seen complaints expressing dissatisfaction with how the corporate workers handled items.

The dedication of Alberta Pro Movers to assisting elders and students is another admirable quality that we value. These categories of people receive exclusive savings from the moving business.

Alberta Pro Movers additionally offers special mid-month rates to extend this benefit to all of its customers. Therefore, if you decide to use this Calgary mover, be sure to plan your move carefully to qualify for savings.

Official Website:
Contact Info: (403) 910-1414


5. Sparta Movers

The Canadian Association of Movers has accredited just a select few moving firms in Calgary, including Sparta Movers.

They are a reputable moving and storage company with roots in Calgary that offers top-notch local, long-distance, and international relocation services for both residential and commercial clients. They provide local and long distance moving, packing, storage, deliveries, junk removal, plastic box rentals, office and residential moving, packing materials, and more!

Sparta Movers offers free on-site estimates to its customers before providing open and thorough prices. Then, using its hourly rates, it reports clear quotes.

Additionally, if you have pianos or other big things, these fees can go up. Fortunately, Sparta Movers accepts installment payments.

Sparta Movers makes an effort to be on time and promises to reimburse clients $30 for each hour if their personnel is late. It is also highly renowned for its responsibility in reacting to customer concerns and offering post-service assistance because they are even Baeumler-approved.

They use a systematic methodology that is effective, flexible, and elegant to provide customized solutions for each transfer. Sparta Movers can handle the most intricate tasks and deliver superior, reasonably priced solutions.

With only a week’s notice needed to prepare for a relocation, it’s also one of the most tolerant moving firms. Depending on personnel availability, they will also be willing to accommodate last-minute moves.

Even though Sparta Movers has blankets, ratchet straps, and other safety gear on its vehicle, it still provides cargo protection. you be eligible for reimbursement for damaged items, just be sure you report any claims within 5 business days following the transfer.

Also Baeumler-approved, Sparta Movers is renowned for its responsibility in resolving complaints and offering post-service assistance.

Official Website:
Contact Info: (403) 402-7992


6. Elephant Moving

For residential and business clients moving across Western Canada, Elephant Moving offers its moving experience. In order to make the transfer as convenient as possible for its clients, it also provides packing services.

In addition to completing pre-move job lists, this mover even walks its clients through the moving procedure.

Elephant Moving assists in disassembling, assembling, and organizing objects as needed and also accommodates elderly who are downsizing.

Elephant Moving even goes above and above for its clients by being accessible and approachable seven days a week. In order to serve more clients during a single working day, it also features early opening and late closing times.

Elephant Moving, which often engages consumers over the phone, regrettably lacks online quote forms. It does feature an online form where you may at least request a callback with assurance.

Official Website:
Contact Info: (587) 436-7799


7. Mr. Nice Guy Movers

When offering its clients a stress-free moving experience, Mr. Nice Guy Movers lives up to its name. It adheres to this objective by offering in-house moving services, elder moving, business moving, and residential moving.

Additionally, Mr. Nice Guy Movers offers same-day deliveries for both residential and business services. This mover also handles all kinds of distances, so they can handle both local and long-distance moves.

Mr. Nice Guy Movers is an experienced mover and has the means and know-how to transport speciality objects like antiques, pianos, fine art, and even top-of-the-line machinery and appliances.

We also appreciate Mr. Nice Guy Movers’ 15% senior client discount, which is even another perk. In addition to savings, this provider provides one month of free storage with each six months of purchased storage.

Additionally, this moving business provides a variety of payment alternatives to make paying easy for everyone.

We’ve nevertheless received complaints regarding shoddy timeliness and communication despite all these commitments. Some former clients have complained about the company’s high rates for the calibre of its services.

Official Website:
Contact Info: (403) 816-6000



Darwin’s Moving and Delivery has been at the forefront of moving services in Western Canada for more than 25 years. It provides all the moving-related services one would want, including packing, moving transportation, and even storage options.

It provides commercial moving as do its rivals. Darwin’s carrying and Delivery, however, provides file carts and boxes that are ideal for carrying sensitive office documents and other essential business products, unlike any other moving company.

Additionally, Darwin’s Moving safeguards any furniture by providing it with moving padding and protective covers.

Additionally, Darwin’s Moving offers cost-free estimates. Customers simply need to complete their request forms.

To get a more precise quote, you’ll still need to phone them to clarify the size and specifications of your move as their web forms just ask for the moving date and pickup/delivery addresses.

Once a precise price has been agreed upon, you may pay using whatever method you like because Darwin’s Moving accepts payments made by cash, check, credit card, and e-transfer.

Official Website:
Contact Info: 403 208 4677


9. Super Powers

exceptional Powers is exceptional in that it can do a variety of tasks, including moving and delivery as well as packing and rubbish disposal.

In addition to providing all of these services, Super Powers also cleans rugs, carpets, and upholstery. Super Powers is devoted to employing environmentally safe cleaning supplies, even if such cleaning frequently calls for harsh chemicals.

This mover maintains its commitment to sustainability by packaging using reusable boxes provided by its partner, ECO-BOX. Additionally, Super Powers recycles certain reusable things, donates to charity, and safely disposes of dangerous garbage.

You should be aware that Super Powers travels over considerable distances. But unlike Saskatchewan and Alberta, it only travels to British Columbia in the fall, spring, and summer.

We also like that Super Powers can assist you in buying or selling a property in Calgary before your relocation thanks to its relationships with real estate firms.

These factors might have all contributed to Super Powers’ success in earning Homestars accolades and a Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence.

You must complete an online form in order to receive a quote. These forms are less practical since the questions they ask demand lengthy or written responses rather than quick responses and checkbox selections.

Official Website:
Contact Info: (403) 200-4024


10. Best Moves Calgary

Best Moves offers premium moving services in a few different methods. With its straightforward online forms, which you can fill out by selecting options and providing succinct replies, it firstly makes relocation bearable.

Then, Best Moves offers hassle-free relocations every day of the week. And even if its business hours conclude in the late evenings, this mover nonetheless has a support staff available around-the-clock to assist you.

The fact that Best Movers accepts relocation of all sizes is the third factor that leads us to believe it should be on our list. Even if you’re only transferring furniture to other levels or remodelling, you may hire them for in-house relocation.

Last but not least, Best Moves offers long-distance moving services for anyone moving to any location in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or BC. For individuals who are prepared to relocate on one of Best Moves’ scheduled trips, it even provides a 15% discount.

Despite all of these positive aspects, Best Moves is not without flaws. We mention this because, although it can transport other large things for an extra fee, this mover does not handle really heavy objects like hot tubs, pianos, and pool tables.

For local movements, it also provides hourly prices. Fortunately, Best relocation provides flat rates for lengthy relocation.

Official Website:
Contact Info: (587) 578-0133



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