Computer Repair in Calgary: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered, “Where can I find the best computer repair in Calgary?” If so, you’re in the right place. Read on to uncover essential details.

Why Computer Repairs are Crucial

No matter how careful we are, sometimes our computers face issues. Just like we get sick and need a doctor, our computers need experts to fix them. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose precious memories or essential work files, right?

Choosing the Right Repair Shop

Picking the right place for computer repair isn’t as hard as it might seem. First, check online reviews. Then, ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. And finally, make sure they specialize in your computer brand.

Warranty Matters

Also, don’t forget to inquire about warranties. A good repair shop will stand by their work, ensuring you get value for your money.

DIY or Professional Help?

While some issues can be resolved with a simple restart, others might need a professional touch. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to consult an expert. It can save you both time and potential damage in the long run.

Common Issues They Can Help With

From software glitches, hardware malfunctions, to viruses, a computer repair professional has seen it all. Plus, they have the tools and expertise to address them.

So next time you’re facing a computer hiccup, remember: Calgary has a plethora of skilled computer repair professionals ready to assist you. Ensure you make an informed choice to keep your digital companion in top shape!

1. Memory Express Computers Calgary

MemoryExpress’ TechZone branch specializes in fixing gadgets and computers. A wide variety of repair and diagnostic services are offered at the memoryexpress retail locations. With more than 25 years of expertise, Memory Express provides a wide range of reasonably priced computer services. Nearly any computer-related problem may be helped with by a qualified expert from their business, including laptop and computer repairs, virus eradication, hardware & software configuration/troubleshooting, and more. With their goal, they want to be the best location to work, shop, and conduct business for computers and electronics in the area. Because they care about their employees, there is a good and cheerful atmosphere at work. Only with the devotion and commitment of their team members is the excellent level of customer service achievable.

Official Website:
Contact info: +14033138883

2. MacMechanic

For people who own Macbooks, finding computer specialists with expertise in macOS and Apple replacement components may be challenging. You can obtain professional guidance from MacMechanic, an authority on Apple products, six days a week. Apple computer and device diagnosis and repair are the focus of MacMechanic. Basically every component of a Macbook may be fixed with it, including screens, RAM, hard drives, solid-state drives, displays, batteries, keyboards, power supplies, trackpads, and fans. They may repair your Apple Mac issues for less money than Apple or other repair facilities. Since 1998, MacMechanic has offered Mac repair services and support with a focus on Apple hardware and software. Since MacMechanic has fixed hundreds of devices, consistently gets thank-you letters and comments, and has many references, you can count on their experts to be experienced and competent.

This computer repair service not only provides hardware repair but also data backup and recovery, system updates, maintenance, and support for macOS. The liquid damage repair staff at MacMechanic has more than ten years of expertise and the latest cutting-edge equipment. The finest in the industry, their success record for repairing liquid-damaged Macs is 96–98%. Bring your Mac to them if you need help so they can give you direct answers. You won’t have to worry about challenging protocols or significant retail costs while using their service. You will gain a great deal from them by saving time and money thanks to their affordable prices and adaptable practices. Look no further; you’ve found the fastest, most cost-effective way to fix your broken Mac in Calgary.

Official Website:
Contact Info: +14034554549

3. TechBrotherz

A professional repair shop called TechBrotherz specializes in quick fixes for cell phones, smartphones, PCs, iPads, and tablets. All major brands, including Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, Google, BlackBerry, and more, are expertly repaired by them. Providing prompt, superior, standardized services to their esteemed clients is their main focus. TechBrotherz takes pride in providing a 60-day guarantee on all of its repairs. Any flaws or issues with the component that their knowledgeable specialists have fixed or repaired are covered by this guarantee. It’s crucial to remember that the warranty does not cover flaws that appear after 60 days or problems that already existed. Furthermore, the guarantee does not cover physical damage. Please contact them right away or stop by their store within three days with your invoice or receipt if you discover any issues with your device following the repair.

All of your computer needs and repairs may be handled by their team of qualified computer specialists. They are aware of the value of having a completely operating equipment and the reliance on them that they have to carry out duties. The main objective of TechBrotherz is to quickly repair your gadget and get it up and running again. They are more than ready to handle any inquiries or worries you might have in relation to your computer, offering the finest support based on their knowledge. To assure their clients’ happiness and meet their specific demands, they place a premium on creating a warm and pleasant environment. Their crew will go above and above to help you the best they can if you need any support or have certain needs.

Official Website:
Contact Info: +14032738324

4. Calgary Computer Doctor:

Calgary-based Computer Doctor Calgary is a business that provides computer maintenance and repair services. They specialize in offering complete computer services in Calgary. They’re completely licensed and welcoming technicians are accessible to help you seven days a week. By offering computer repair, data recovery, virus eradication, and computer services on-site, they work to maintain high standards of innovation and quality. They have assisted countless residential and business clients over the years, and they have the skills and expertise to assist you as well. You can rely on them to help you with whatever issue you may have! They specialize in on-site computer maintenance and repairs. Throughout the repair procedure, their hardware and software diagnostic tests keep you updated.

They ensure the protection of your data and one of their criteria is to make a backup of all the data on your hard drive before beginning any operation. Additionally, they offer thorough assistance for both Windows-based and Apple Macintosh machines. For your convenience, they offer onsite and mobile services, while some tasks are better handled in their workshop. At Calgary Computer Doctor, they want to use their enthusiasm for computers to help you get the most out of your IT investments. The majority of computer/laptop issues may be swiftly and effectively fixed by Calgary Computer Doctor. Whether you have a computer that won’t boot, computer viruses, or connectivity problems, you may discover a solution for each issue.

Official Website:
Contact Info: +14036078865

5. Ducktoes Computer Services Inc:

Ducktoes Computer Services, a full-service computer repair firm, also provides comprehensive web design and development, search engine optimization, and on-site IT support for organizations. They will keep your PCs operating quickly and efficiently. Their professionals are capable of handling hardware and software problems with servers, laptops, and desktop computers. The best location to take your computer for repair in Calgary is at their store. They’ll immediately begin fixing it. Allow them to enhance your computer usage and assist you in utilizing technology for better personal and professional life. They fix all kinds of PCs and computer devices, and can also do remote computer repairs. They are able to fix and remove infections from your computer remotely. At Ducktoes, reconditioned laptops are frequently available.

Working with Spectrum Advantage of Autism Calgary is such a privilege and a joy for Ducktoes. They were used in a CBC exclusive news piece that was filmed. They’ve also employed fantastic computer repair technicians from them who are outstanding at repairing computers and soldering motherboards. Working with them is a lot of pleasure for them. The technicians there are kind and skilled. They are amazing individuals. Contrary to popular belief, the technologists they employ have strong social skills. They have been maintaining and repairing Calgary computer systems for homes and businesses for the past 10 years.

Official Website:
Contact info: +14032193031 

6. TickTockTech – Computer Repair Calgary:

TickTockTech has impressively contributed to the Calgary community for 28 years. Their extraordinary work as a computer repair firm has been the foundation of their continuing success. They passionately believe in giving their clients with the ultimate perfection and are proud founding members of, a non-profit organization devoted to advancing honesty, integrity, and openness in the computer installation and repair sector. More than 53,000 pleased clients have experienced their unmatched dedication to great customer service throughout the course of their extended journey, which has lasted for over three decades. Trust TickTockTech with all of your technological requirements, and you won’t be let down, they guarantee.

TickTockTech is the only technology service provider in Calgary, Alberta, and provides a wide range of unmatched services. They have cemented their status as the top option for computer repair services with their dedication to same-day service, free onsite estimates, a fair price structure, and a money-back guarantee. TickTockTech provides a wide range of home computer repair services to address all of your needs. They provide the ideal answer for you whether you need onsite servicing and repair, crisis catastrophe recovery, malware eradication, data retrieval solutions, network design and integration, strategic technology strategies, or even the ethical disposal of discarded devices. Additionally, they have the tools necessary to repair Apple/Mac computers. Your hunt for a trustworthy Calgary computer repair company has come to an end thanks to TickTockTech’s trusted services.

Contact info: +14035325933

7. Tech Espresso – Computer Repair Calgary:

Like a jolting dose of espresso, Tech Espresso takes pleasure in its quickness, accessibility, and straightforward manner. Additionally, they promise that their service will beyond your expectations as a tiny local business! They are a group of nearby computer repair specialists that are qualified and licensed to solve any problem relating to computers quickly and effectively. Tech Espresso stands out from other companies in Calgary without a doubt because to their 40+ years of experience, reasonable pricing, and guaranteed fixed or free policies. They have a number of professionals available to help you with any computer repair you could want, and they are dispersed around Calgary.

You don’t have to wait to find out if the repair works at home, and the repair doesn’t have to take a week or more. Before they depart and even before you pay, their crew visits your house or place of business to make repairs, do testing, and ensure that everything is functioning as it should. They service every brand of network router, printer, and smart home device on-site as you watch, including Windows PC and Macintosh PCs, laptops, routers, and printers.

If your computer is able to connect to the internet, you may choose a remote repair service so they can connect to it and fix it through a secure internet connection. As a result, you may anticipate a quicker response time and a reasonable hourly charge. They will be prepared to fix your computer or linked device as soon as they get to your place with the necessary equipment and components.

Official Website:
Contact info: +15873338636

8. Nextgen Technology Calgary:

A group of highly qualified and experienced professionals working at Nextgen Computer Solutions are specialists in several areas of information technology. To assure the highest level of client satisfaction, the Nextgen team is committed to creating the most innovative, unmatched, and ground-breaking solutions. They work to provide consumers with top-notch technical support and services that enable them to fully utilize the capabilities of their devices by drawing on their enormous knowledge, significant experience, and sharp observations.

The Nextgen onsite service has been created to improve convenience and customer-friendliness by removing the requirement for you to take your device to the closest service facility. Their professionals will quickly visit your house or place of business after a brief phone call, making the repair procedure straightforward. It began as a business that specialized mostly in home maintenance. But as time went on, they increased the scope of their offerings. Their steadfast focus has always been to offer outstanding assistance and top-notch services to their esteemed clients in the convenience of their own homes.

Their ultimate goal is to provide high-quality IT solutions that are affordable for everyone. The Nextgen team has been associated with quality, safety, and dependability for the last nine years and will keep upholding these values. Today, they take great delight in providing people with immediate technical help whenever and wherever they need it. Nextgen offers 24-hour remote technical support if you need the best help. If your problem requires immediate action, they make arrangements for a professional to visit your place right away and grab your equipment for additional repair and service. Contact Nextgen Computer Repair Calgary for the best in tech help. Customers in the Canadian cities of Airdrie, Calgary, and Edmonton are catered to.

Official Website:
Contact info: +15874325555

9. BCS Direct

One of Calgary’s greatest IT experts is BSC Direct. They can repair a wide range of gadgets, including PCs, laptops, smartphones, printers, projectors, and tablets.

Known for being a well-rounded repair firm due to the wide range of services they can give, their computer repair, virus removal, custom builds, and site design services are the most often requested ones.

Official Website: 
Contact Info: 403-225-0298

10. Calgary Computer Doctor

Because Computer Doctor is a specialist in on-site computer repair, its professionals will visit your home or place of business to assess and repair your PCs.

For homes and organizations with several hacked or broken computers, we believe this functionality to be of great utility.

However, Computer Doctor might not be the greatest choice for people who don’t want strangers entering their homes because it only offers onsite repair services. There are just three IT professionals on its tiny workforce, which serves a sizable customer.

Nevertheless, we applaud Computer Doctor for providing a variety of hardware and software repair services. Additionally, it may accept PCs running macOS, Windows, or Linux that have viruses, connection issues, or broken components.

Data recovery for hard drives, media device memory cards, and practically any interface is another specialty of Computer Doctor.

Computer Doctor also provides computer maintenance services to keep computer systems operational. In order to upgrade their storage drives, update their security, defrag, set up backups, and install antivirus software, Calgarians may also go to this store.

Official Website:
Contact Info: (403) 607-8865


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